Baghdad Resolve

Baghdad Resolve, a project of Iraqi Children's Art Exchange, was our response to the ongoing crisis for children suffering from cancer and leukemia in Iraq. Our goal is to improve diagnosis, care and outcomes of pediatric cancer patients; to create opportunities for international partners to work with Iraqi doctors, nurses, hospitals and civil society organizations in developing and sustaining holistic projects to meet the needs of pediatric cancer patients, their families and the doctors, nurses and medical staff who care for them.

Iraqi Children's Art Exchange

The Iraqi Children's Art Exchange uses photography, art and art-inspired projects to advocate for Iraq and for Iraqis. We are a transcultural project based in the US and in Baghdad, working with Dr. Salma Al-Hadad and Dr. Mazin Al-Jadiry, pediatric oncologists at Children’s Welfare Teaching Hospital (CWTH) in Medical City Baghdad. Our work sits at the intersection of education and psychology, art and medicine, resilience, psychosocial intervention and children’s rights.